What would the world be like if information technology did not develop so rapidly? How exactly would people interact in different areas of life and how many more hours of work would they have to spend without everyday IT assistants?

We will find out the answers to these questions if we only delve into the study of quantum physics and find an alternative universe. And while we have not done this, we can only predict the future in which information technology has taken a leading position.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, more than half of the global economy will be based on digital technologies or be influenced by them in one form or another since most products and services will use a digital delivery model to remain competitive.

But, as we know, it all starts with people. Not only the sustainability of the company but also the competitiveness is determined by the people who work in the company. Therefore, the main immediate goal of any company that has been thinking for decades is to recruit the best personnel who will automate the business process.

Nevertheless, returning to the kind of technology in the company, as well as recruiters and the near future, it is worth saying that there are already excellent solutions on the market to automate the process of hiring employees in the company. We have already told you about Workable, Zoho Recruit, Bamboo HR, GreenHouse, and Hurma in our article “5 best HR Software For 2022”.

Moreover, when it comes not just to hiring line staff or mass hiring, but to hiring IT employees, the task becomes several times more difficult. Why? Because there are still too few good IT specialists on the market. The law of supply and demand works mercilessly, so it is very difficult to close such vacancies for HR. 57% of recruiters in IT consider competition to be the main difficulty in recruiting staff.

According to the laws of the market, as we all know, demand generates supply. 

There are a huge number of recruitment agencies, various platforms, and applications for finding employees currently (Facebook, Linkedin, Dice, etc.). Organizations have different approaches to the process of finding and selecting testers, designers, and programmers. Some are looking for specialists on their own, and someone turns to recruitment agencies for help.

In the process of working on open positions, HR specialists have the following tasks: 

  • Market capacity analysis. This is necessary in order to understand how many specialists of the right profile are on the market, in which companies you can see such candidates, where they studied, and so on. 
  • Many of the vacancies are non–standard searches - there is a search for strong specialists with rare skills and knowledge. There are few of them on the market. Most of the specialists the recruiter communicates with are passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job.
  • The recruiter has to view a large number of candidate profiles on various professional resources and social networks in order to find up-to-date information and contact details, as well as in order to build the right personalized communication. "Spot search" takes a very long time.

Since we have already analyzed technical solutions in the recruiting market, today we will dive deeper and consider a tool that helps with hiring employees from the IT sector. We know it sounds unrealistic, but let's take a look at AmazingHiring, which quickly, efficiently, and effectively solves HR tasks of any complexity.


AmazingHiring is a search engine for recruiters that allows you to search for people on multiple websites at the same time (5000+), combines the profiles of one person on different websites into a united card and evaluates the professionalism of candidates (now their focus is exclusively on IT specialists). The second product is a plugin for Google Chrome that shows different profiles of one person. 

So it is both a web service and a browser extension for IT recruiters. At the same time, the extension is able to work on GitHub, LinkedIn, and My Circle.

The platform allows you to reduce the time of searching for a candidate on various resources at the same time and evaluate the candidate before the interview. AmazingHiring collects information, but the main thing is the ranking algorithm, which gives the most suitable results at first. The platform has been operating since 2014 and has already established itself in the market for the selection of IT specialists.  Clients of the platform have become both large companies and relatively small ones, but with ambitious plans that are looking for the best candidates.

Here are the general statistics of recruiters' reviews about the AmazingHiring platform:

Let's see reviews with a rating from the best to the worst:

As we can see, the ease of use, as well as customer support, has the highest rating. At the same time, the value for money indicator is at a fairly low level. So, how much does the platform cost? 

It is, to put it mildly, expensive. At the same time, do not forget that IT specialists are experts in great demand for the next 5 years, so it costs a lot of money.

Regarding analogues, several start-ups in the world are doing something similar. If we talk about constructing a "consolidated" candidate profile, then they all do similar things. When it comes to ranking search results, then everyone goes in their own direction. 

As we can see, an important thing has been missed - taking into account the specifics of hiring in a particular company. Experienced recruiters often try to find a person who is somewhat similar to the hiring manager or team - the probability of hiring such a candidate increases dramatically. That is, in our opinion, it is possible to add keyword matches between the candidate's profile and the company's mission. This would be an easy screening of the candidate for compliance with the corporate culture of the company.

Significant differences from competitors offered by the AmazingHiring platform:

It seems that Amazing Hiring is not only a search platform, but also software for recruiting automation. Will the platform replace other common platforms for automating recruitment processes? Definitely not. And here's why.

  1. Companies should have a common database of candidates. This platform provides access only to IT candidates.
  2. The platform has only minimal recruiting automation functionality. According to reviews, recruiters lack this functionality.
  3. The platform is expensive. For an average recruiting department, the cost of access will cost about 50 thousand dollars.

Therefore, this platform is a great addition to the main automation platforms, such as Workable, Zoho Recruit, Bamboo HR, GreenHouse and Hurma.