Using ChatGPT in Hiring: Tips for Recruiters

In this article, we want to share some useful hacks that might help you use AI in your daily work. First off, obviously, you need to create an account at Open.AI. After a few simple steps when the account is made, open ChatGPT and start typing the prompts in. The main goal is to set the task accurately in detail. 

Tip #1: Create a job offer with ChatGPT 

Check the job board websites, find similar options, and put something of your own together. It is better not to waste time and give this task to a chatbot. We asked the bot to create a job offer for a Python developer. The request sounded like this: "Create a Senior Python Developer job offer. Our company is a startup that develops HR tech solutions. The development team consists of 5 people, and the front end is written in React. We work remotely, and we promise a compelling salary". 

Here’s the answer from the bot:

Tip #2: Ask ChatGPT to screen CVs

ChatGPT can't yet work with PDFs, but you can send it a resume as text and ask it to match the requirements. So, for example, we asked the bot to compare the description of the candidate's experience on LinkedIn with the job offer description. The bot has not only correctly determined that the candidate meets all the requirements of the job, but also explained why: 

Tip #3: Ask ChatGPT to compose interview questions

Thanks to ChatGPT, you can compose a checklist of questions for basic skills testing without the participation of the hiring manager. We asked the chatbot to compose questions for an interview with a DevOps engineer and it immediately gave us the correct answers.

Tip #4: Create a donor list with ChatGPT 

Let's say you have to search for talent in an unfamiliar labor market of a foreign country. You don't know who to compete with, who employers can hire employees from. You can spend hours, days, and weeks researching the market from scratch - or use the help of a bot and collect all the basic information in 5 minutes. For example, we asked for a list of Spanish fintech companies that have Python developers.

Tip #5: Create a search strategy in a minute 

ChatGPT can already solve recruiting tasks at the level of a strong junior or middle. As an exam, we will ask him to compose a strategy for searching for a Java developer with experience in fintech and knowledge of DevOps. This is a "starred" complex task

What else can be delegated to ChatGPT? 

  • Generate engaging emails for the first contact with the candidate; 
  • Compose emails with rejection for the candidate; 
  • Generate X-Ray requests; 
  • Train recruiters instead of courses and online schools. Neural nets: assistants or recruiters replacements? 

For novice recruiters the bot plays the role of a mentor, and for experienced experts - an assistant who can be entrusted with some tasks.